Community Policing Officers

Community policing deputies are a visible presence in the communities they serve. The goal of this position is to work directly with the local elected officials, businesses and community leaders to identify specific areas of need and to develop strategies to address the needs.

In addition to carrying criminal investigation caseloads as part of their obligation to the community they serve, deputies assigned to Community Policing actively participate in community events; as well as, conduct crime prevention programs in their assigned areas.

Initially, funding for the Community Policing initiative was provided by federal grants such as the Department of Justice "COPS" grant. Unfortunately, this funding no longer exists and we now depend on the individual local communities to subsidize the funding of these positions.

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Boardman / Clearwater / Kalkaska

Deputy Nate Deveneauimage

Blue Lake / Bear Lake / Kalkaska

Deputy Brian Peacockimage

Community Policing