In an effort to keep the public informed on incidents occurring in the county, information is released to local media outlets regarding Kalkaska Sheriff Office investigations.  The same press releases are linked below.


news 01-18-19      Fatal Snowmobile Crash

news 01-08-19      Armed Robbery


news 11-19-18      Fatal Traffic Crash

news 11-05-18      Fundraiser

news 11-04-18      Felonious Assault

news 09-04-18      Juvenile Runaway

news 07-26-18      Home Invasion

news 06-20-18      Fatal Motorcycle Crash

news 04-27-18      Fatal Airplane Crash

news 04-04-18      Fatal Traffic Crash

news 03-08-18      School Security Officer

news 03-06-18      Fatal Traffic Crash

news 01-14-18      Fatal Snowmobile Crash


news 11-22-17      *UPDATE* Death Investigation

news 11-22-17      Suspicious Death

news 06-19-17      Bomb Threat

news 05-30-17      Baricaded Gunman/ Domestic Assault

news 03-22-17      Service Notification - Drug Recognition Expert

news 03-14-17      Kiwanis Public Safety Awards

news 02-21-17      Personal Injury Traffic Crash

news 01-31-17      Homicide

news 01-20-17      800 mhz Radios


news 12-22-16      Felony Narcotic and Firearm Charges

news 11-28-16      *UPDATE* Fatal Mobile Home Fire

news 11-25-16      Fatal Mobile Home Fire

news 10-09-16      Flee and Elude

news 10-03-16      Breaking and Entering

news 10-01-16      Larcenies from Motor Vehicles and Stolen Vehicle

news 09-19-16      Missing Person Found Deceased

news 09-04-16      Fatal Drowning

news 08-11-16      Larcenies from Motor Vehicles

news 08-06-16      Fatal Traffic Crash

news 07-17-16      Personal Injury Traffic Crash

news 03-24-16      Kalkaska County Emergency Manager

news 03-04-16      Fatal Snowmobile Crash

news 01-15-16      Fatal Snowmobile Crash

news 01-04-16      New Undersheriff Appointed

news 01-04-16      Fatal Snowmobile Crash


news 12-30-15      *Update* Felonious Assault / Barricaded Suspect

news 12-30-15      Felonious Assault / Barricaded Suspect

news 12-05-15      Personal Injury Traffic Accident

news 11-28-15      Naturtal Death

news 11-23-15      M-72/Lake Valley Road Fatal Crash