Special Deputy Unit

The Special Deputy Unit of the Kalkaska County Sheriff Office are volunteer citizens dedicated to the service of Kalkaska County, giving freely of their time to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of their county. They provide a small, highly motivated and skilled resource to assist and supplement the Sheriff's Office in performing its duties in providing professional police services in promoting the health, safety and welfare of all.

The Special Deputy unit's primary purpose is to act as a well-trained support unit to assist members of the Kalkaska Sheriff Office with their individual duties. Special Deputies will also be authorized and may be utilized to assist in special events and critical incidents, including natural disasters.

The Special Deputy Unit receives monthly training in a variety of topics including, but not limited to first-aid, defensive tactics, firearms, criminal law and arrest procedures. Special Deputies derive their authority from the Certified Deputy to whom they are assigned and/or under the supervision of. Special Deputies have full authority as police officers when on duty and under the direction of a Certified Deputy.

Sgt. Eric Johnsonimage is designated as the supervising sergeant of the Kalkaska Sheriff Office Special Deputy Unit.

Deputy Ben Hawkinsimage is assigned as the Advisory Deputy to the Kalkaska Sheriff Office Special Deputy Unit and provides day to day supervision and conducts training for the Unit.

The Special Deputy Unit is comprised of one Special Deputy appointed as Sergeant, one Special Deputy assigned as Secretary and the remaining members of the Unit.

The Special Deputy Sergeant has supervision over all members of the Unit and is under the command of the Advisory Deputy.  The Special Deputy Sergeant is responsible for coordinating all training events, ensuring that the proper number of Special Deputies are assigned / available for all Special Events.

The Unit Secretary is under the command of the Unit Sergeant and is responsible for maintaining any and all Unit records in conjunction with the Unit Advisor. 

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Kalkaska County Sheriff Office Special Deputy Unit

Special Deputy Sgt. Dean Piperimage
Special Deputy Seth Andersonimage
Special Deputy Mark Holstonimage
Special Deputy Jeff Koonimage
Special Deputy Joe Leachimage
Special Deputy Jeff Pattersonimage
Special Deputy Vincent Paulusimage
Special Deputy Jason Ruelleimage
Special Deputy Wade Tannerimage
Special Deputy Damon Wilkesimage

The Sheriff's Office extends a special thank you to our Special Deputy Unit. The success of our department is shared with the Special Deputies above. Their assistance during the major events in the community; as well as, their many hours volunteered and interest in Law Enforcement is greatly appreciated.

Special Deputy Unit Shoulder Patch