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Snowmobile Areas of Operation

Snowmobile Areas of Operation:

  1. A person may NOT operate a snowmobile in the following places: 
    • On an airport; or
    • On a public or private parking lot; or
    • On a railroad right of way; or
    • In a cemetery; or
    • On a forest nursery; or
    • On private property or farm fields without permission, (posted or unposted); or
    • On a public highway, street, or sidewalk; or
    • On the shoulder of any state highway, including M-72, M-66, and US-131 in Kalkaska County, when no unplowed right of way exists.
  2. A person may operate a snowmobile in the following places:
    • On a designated trail system; or
    • On the unplowed right of way of a State Highway (US131, M72, M66) if operated with the flow of traffic and in a single file; or
    • On the roadway or shoulder when necessary to cross a bridge or culvert. The snowmobile MUST be brought to a complete stop before entering the roadway and MUST yield to approaching traffic; or
    • Across a public highway, other than a limited access highway, at right angles for the purposes of getting from one area to another. The snowmobile must be brought to a complete stop before crossing. Children under 12 cannot operate a snowmobile while crossing a roadway.
    • On all County Roads when operating to the extreme right with the flow of traffic.



A person shall NOT operate a snowmobile:

  • On private property whether open, fenced, enclosed, posted or unposted; or
  • When notice against trespass is personally communicated by the owner, or other authorized person; or
  • In or upon farmlands, farm wood lots or platted property without written permission of the land owner.