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Snowmobile Regulations

Snowmobile Regulations:

A person shall NOT operate a snowmobile:

  • At a rate of speed greater than is reasonable for conditions. Many snowmobilers believe there is no speed limit. The fact is, the highest legal speed for any vehicle anywhere in the county is 55 mph.
  • While under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance.
  • Without an operating headlight, taillight, brake light or brakes that are in good working condition.
  • Within 100 feet of any person on ice or ice shanty; or any slide, ski or skating area.
  • Without a muffler no louder than 86 decibels measured at a distance of 50 feet.
  • Within 100 feet of a dwelling between midnight and 6:00 a.m., except at a very slow speed.
  • In, on or across a cemetery, airport, railroad right of way, or forest nursery.
  • While carrying an uncased or loaded firearm or strung bow.
  • On private property without written permission of owner.
  • On a public or private parking lot.
  • On a public highway, street, or sidewalk.
  • Upon a highway, public trail, frozen surface of a lake or other public place including an area designated for the parking of snowmobiles in a careless or negligent manner.


A person shall NOT operate a snowmobile:

  • To hunt, pursue, worry or kill any wild bird or animal.
  • While carrying an uncased or loaded firearm or strung bow.


An operator of a snowmobile involved in an accident resulting in injuries, death, or property damage of $100 or more, must immediately notify the nearest law enforcement agency.


An operator of a snowmobile must bring their snowmobile to a complete stop when signaled to do so by a law enforcement officer. FAILURE TO DO SO IS A MISDEMEANOR.


The registration number displayed on a snowmobile constitutes prima facie evidence that the owner of the snowmobile was the operator at the time of the offense. Any violations, or warrants for arrest, will be sought against the owner of the snowmobile.


  • Cities, villages or townships may have passed local snowmobile ordinances. Operators are responsible to find out if any local regulations are in effect and comply.
  • The Village of Kalkaska does have such an ordinance. For example, the pathway south of Island Lake Road is a non-motorized path. Snowmobiles are prohibited from using this path and associated bridge. To cross the Boardman River, snowmobiles should use the bridge pathway connected to the highway bridge.
  • Copies of local ordinances are available at all gas stations and restaurants, as well as, village offices. Specific attention should be given to designated routes and the 15MPH speed limit within the village of Kalkaska.


Any person who violates the provisions of Act 74-PA 1968 (Snowmobile Law) is guilty of a misdemeanor.