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Specialized Deputies

Traffic Crash Reconstruction:

Deputy Ben Hawkins
Deputy Ray Farrier

These deputies are experts in the investigation of traffic accidents. These deputies are responsible for the investigation of all fatal and serious injury accidents. These deputies have attended many courses that have provided them the necessary skills to accurately document the scene of a traffic crash, create scale diagrams from field notes and sketches and calculate vehicle speeds based on the laws of physics and the physical evidence at the scene of the crash.

Drug Recognition Expert:

Deputy Kyle Beaver

A drug recognition expert (DRE) is a police officer trained to recognize impairment in drivers under the influence of drugs other than, or in addition to, alcohol.

DRE training is a very demanding, academically challenging curriculum developed to enhance an officers ability to identify, evaluate, and document suspected drug impairment. Officers that successfully complete the training often times become the leader in alcohol and or drug impairment within their department.

DRE students will learn about the seven drug categories, human physiology and the signs and symptoms as they relate to the drug impaired driver. Students will also learn to conduct a standardized and systematic twelve step evaluation of a drug impaired driver and determine the category of drugs most likely causing that impairment.

DRE training consists of three phases. Phase I and Phase II involve seventy two hours (two weeks) of classroom lecture and hands-on instruction. Phase III involves 40 hours of field training during which officers are required to perform evaluations on subjects known to be under the influence of drugs and or drug alcohol combinations.

Emergency Response Team (ERT):

Current Members:

Detective Regan Foerster

The Kalkaska Sheriff Office currently has one deputy assigned to the Emergency Response Team

Past Team Members:

Sheriff Abe DeVol

Sgt. Eric Johnson

Undersheriff David Wagner

Sgt. Scott Griffith

These officers are part of a multi-jurisdictional special weapons and tactics team. The ERT was created to respond to certain high risk incidents such as barricaded suspect, hostage negotiations, sniper activity, high risk search/arrest warrant service, high risk apprehension, personal protection, civil disorder and other special threat situations. ERT members are highly trained in automatic and semi-automatic shoulder weapons, handheld weapons, less lethal weapon deployment, chemical weapon deployment, building search, high risk warrant service and close quarter combat. Each member of the ERT maintains a high degree of firearms proficiency and physical ability. Training is conducted on a monthly basis.