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What do I do when I see Emergency Lights?

"Here comes an emergency vehicle!!! - What do I do now?"

The law specifically states, if the lights and siren are activated . . .

  • You must yield the right of way!
  • You must drive to the far right edge of the road!
  • You must clear an intersection!
  • You must stop!
  • You must stay back no less than 500 feet!

What to do?

  • Pull to the far right side of the roadway if possible.
  • If you can't pull to the right, leave room for the emergency vehicle to get by.
  • If you have already stopped, stay put.
  • After the emergency vehicle has passed you by more than 500 feet, re-enter the travel lane with caution.
  • Keep intersections clear, you never know which way the emergency vehicle will have to go.
  • Do not try to follow an emergency vehicle.
  • If you come upon an intersection blocked by the police, be especially on the look-out for emergency vehicles entering the area.
  • Pay attention all the time. You never know when an emergency vehicle will cross your path. It's a good idea to check your mirrors frequently and keep your radio at a low level. Keeping a window cracked will help you hear an approaching siren.

What is an emergency vehicle?

The law says an authorized emergency vehicle can be:

  • A fire department vehicle.
  • A police vehicle.
  • An ambulance.
  • Private vehicles driven by fire fighters and ambulance personnel on the way to an emergency situation.